How it all began

After a year of activity, Chez zac decided to opt for the whole vegetable with its menu after seeing its success the first year. The original menu was quite extensive and offered pizzas with both meat, vegetarian and vegan options. One of the main factors in the switch to vegan was the amount of food waste with meat products, associated with the increase in vegan sales. The team love to be creative and are constantly trying new flavor combinations to add to our menu!


Dj Bhate is the owner of Chez Zac pizzeria. Originally from Vancouver, he has been in Montreal for over 6 years and lives in the Plateau. One of his inspirations for Chez Zac was a pizzeria in Vancouver called Zaccary's, a cozy take-out place that he frequented with his family. Zaccary is a one-man show dedicated to the art of pizza and Dj wanted to bring the same passion and energy to his own project - that's why he named the restaurant Chez Zac. Rather, the menu is inspired by another place, Hell's Kitchen, where Deej previously worked. The menu seemed eclectic to him and he thought the Plateau would appreciate these flavors.


With the help of very talented cooks and front desk staff, the team works hard to produce the best possible product.

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